Funnys Äventyr was founded by six Malmö companies in collaboration with the City of Malmö, the property owner Atrium Ljungberg and the foundation “Kulturhuset för barn i Malmö”. What unites the six founders is a strong will to be involved in building our common society, not only for today but also for those who will in the future take over. They also all had the courage to both believe in the idea and then finance it already in the very beginning when it was just an idea.

Hamdija Jusufagic
CEO, System Verification

“We’re doing this because we want to contribute to tomorrow's society”, says Hamdija, who is the founder and CEO of System Verification. “Nothing can be more important than giving all children and young people better access to reading, storytelling and learning. We hope that those who are children and young people today, will have greater opportunities to develop our future society. "

"It takes courage and faith in the future to be brave enough to invest in new ideas early on, something we as an entrepreneurial company are driven by. We are therefore extra proud to be a founder of Funnys Äventyr and to give back to Malmö where our journey once started."

Nina Ulvinen
CEO, Malmö Arena Hotel

"We love Malmö and Skåne", says Nina Ulvinen who is the CEO of Malmö Arena Hotel. “There is so much to discover here for both guests from far away and for us Scanians; but one thing that’s been missing here, is a really fun place for children's activites. ”

"With Funnys Äventyr, we can help create such an activity; an activity that is both fun and helps in children’s development. In addition, Funny even has her own playroom here at the hotel."

Hans Andersson
Business Development Manager, Wihlborgs Fastigheter.

“For us, it's important to get involved in and contribute to a positive societal development in the Öresund region; and we believe that Funnys Äventyr will stimulate and help children develop a relationship with language. We believe that a lack of understanding of language is one of the main reasons for segregation in society. The more young people that leave school with approved grades, the more people we’ll have to help build the city and the region strong and sustainable."

Greg Dingizian
Chairman of the board and owner of Adma Förvaltning

"We are a family-owned investment company based in Malmö," says Greg Dingizian, who is chairman of the board and owner of Adma Förvaltning, “Which is why Malmö and the city's future are both close to our hearts.”

“We prefer to invest in businesses that contribute something positive to society. In addition to generating economic value, we also look at the company's value-creating role in society at large. Therefore, it was completely natural for us to support Funnys Äventyr. “

Roleff Kråkström
CEO, Moomin Characters and one of the founders of Rights & Brands

“Rights & Brands is a branding agency that works to promote Nordic brands globally. We represent well-known characters such as Moomin, LasseMaja's Detective Agency, Mamma Mu, Pettson and Findus, Little Ghost Laban and many more. Our values ​​are reading, stories and not least humanism and equality,” says Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters and one of the founders of Rights & Brands.

“It was a clear choice for us to participate in this project in order for us to reach out with these important messages, both locally but also to attract visitors from the nearby continent. Today, more than ever, reading and caring for our fellow human beings are things we must all cherish and encourage. ”

Anders Pettersson & Roland Schylit

"PS Enterprise invests in companies and helps them develop further. Therefore, it was obvious to invest in an initiative that can promote children's reading and strengthen their opportunities to develop as individuals and to actively participate in society and a positive development of Malmö."