Would you like to know what tickets cost, how to book tickets or how long the Fairy-go-round takes? Here we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions.


How much do the tickets costs?

Children (2-15 years) – SEK 139
Adults – SEK 169 Weekends and holidays:
Children (2-15 years) – SEK 159
Adults – SEK 189
Children under the age of two enter free of charge, but need a ticket.

Do I have to pre-book an entrance ticket?

Yes, you must pre-book your tickets. This is because we let in a limited number of visitors at a time.

Do I have to book a ticket even though I have a season pass?

Yes, this is because at the moment we are only allowing in a limited number of visitors each day. When booking, just provide the code you received when buying your season pass, and the ticket will be of no cost.

What if I want to cancel or rebook my purchase?

You can always rebook your tickets up until the day of your visit. However, you cannot cancel your tickets. You can rebook your ticket yourself via the link you receive on your confirmation.


What do the season passes cost?

The season pass costs 395 SEK for children and 470 SEK for adults.

Are the season passes personal?

Yes, the season passes are personal and cannot be lent out.

How long are the season passes valid for?

The season passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase. If the pass is purchased before 10/10 (our premiere), the pass is valid from that date.

Will I receive a printed season pass?

You will receive your season pass to the email address you provided.

Do I have to book a ticket even though I have a season pass?

Yes, this is because at the moment we are only allowing in a limited number of visitors each day. When booking, just provide the code you received when buying your season pass, and the ticket will be of no cost.

Can I rebook my ticket if I get sick?

You can rebook your ticket up until the day of the visit. It is free to rebook your tickets. Book your ticket yourself via the link you received on your confirmation.


Can I bring a baby carriage?

For fire safety reasons, we don’t allow baby carriages inside Funnys Äventyr. There are lockable baby carriage parkings under the roof outside the entrance. We sell locks in our store, but you can also bring your own. Baby carriers are available to borrow in our shop. They are washed frequently to reduce the spread of infection.

Should you take off outerwear and shoes?

It is wise to hang up outerwear. We have free lockers for just this purpose. We recommend that children leave their outer shoes in our shoe garden and put on indoor shoes, and furthermore we recommend they wear soft clothes that are suitable for playing.

My child is under two years old. Do I need to buy a ticket?

Children under the age of two enter Funnys Äventyr for free. But they still need a ticket. Select “Children under two” in the menu when purchasing your ticket. The ticket costs nothing.


Do you sell food?

Yes, Funnys Garden Café serves fantastic dishes. There is something here for both big and small. As much as we can, we cook the food from scratch with organic and locally grown products in focus.

Can I bring a lunch bag?

Unfortunately, there is no space at Funnys Äventyr where you can eat a packed lunch. But in the Garden Café we offer fantastic dishes.

Can I heat baby food?

Yes! In Funnys Garden Café there is a microwave for those who want to heat baby food.


How long does the Fairy-go-round take?

The ride takes about 15 minutes.

Is the Fairy-go-round wheelchair accessible?

Yes, it is wheelchair accessible and has room for four wheelchairs.

Does the Fairy-go-round play in any language other than Swedish?

Yes, the fairy tales are told in Swedish, Danish, German, English and Arabic.

Do I have to book a ticket for the Fairy-go-round?

No, you do not need to book a ticket for the ride. It’s spins around all day, so just stand in line and jump on when it is your turn.


When are the plays performed?

The plays are performed daily at 11:00, 12:30, 14:00 and 15:30. You book your theatre tickets at no extra cost when you buy the entrance ticket to Funnys Äventyr.

How many shows do you play a day?

In Autumn of 2020, we will be performing “Funny and the Old Oak”. The play is about our main character Funny, who is a special girl. When she snaps her fingers, miracles and magic happen! The plays will be replaced on an ongoing basis.

Do I have to book entrance tickets to see the theatre?

You need an entrance ticket to Funnys Äventyr to watch the plays. However, theatre tickets are free and booked at the same time you buy entrance tickets to Funnys Äventyr.

About how long is a play?

A play is about 25 minutes long.

Why can I not book a theatre ticket on the day I want to come?

Either the tickets are sold out or the performances for the current day have not been published yet. We change the schedule and update it continuously.

Am I guaranteed a place at the theatre performances?

We play as many performances as we have permission to perform, but we are only allowed to perform for max 50 people at a time so that means that the theatre can be fill up quickly. Therefore, we recommend that you book the theatre tickets well in advance.

What languages will the performances be performed in?

For the foreseeable future the performances will all be in Swedish.


Can you buy entrance tickets in the stop?

Yes, you can buy tickets in the shop. However, as we only allow a limited number of visitors at a time, we recommend that you buy your tickets digitally and choose a time that suits you.

What open hours does the store have?

The store is open between 10.00-20.00 on weekdays and 10.00-18.00 on weekends. Visit the website for open hours on holidays and deviating days.

Do I have open purchase in the store?

We offer 30 days open purchase on all products in the store.


Is Funnys Äventyr adapted for people with disabilities?

Yes! Funnys Äventyr is wheelchair accessible with ramps and a lift. In addition, there are specially wheelchair-accessible seats in the Fairy-go-round and in the Theatre.


Are there lockers?

Yes, there are free lockers on the first floor.

Can I pay with cash?

To minimise the risk of spreading the current virus, Funnys Äventyr only offers payment by card or by swish.

How long does it take to fully visit Funnys Äventyr?

At Funnys Äventyr you can have fun for a whole day. To have a full day with play, theatre and maybe a lunch break, we recommend that you stay here for about three hours.

I'm a caretaker/assistant to a person with disabilities, how do I enter Funnys Äventyr?

Caretakers/assistants enter free of charge together with the person they are assisting as long as they present their caretaker/assistant ID.