To build a unique cultural house requires many abilities and a lot of dedication. Here you can read about all the people behind this.

Our Vision

All children, regardless of their circumstances, should have access to reading, playing, fairy tales and the magical imagination.


Funnys Äventyr in Malmö is owned by the foundation that is founded by the playwright and director Staffan Götestam as well as the entertainment entrepreneur and theater manager Julius Malmström.

The foundation is funded through donations and grants. The business is run in a wholly-owned subsidiary, Funnys Äventyr i Malmö AB. All financial surplus is reinvested to continue developing the business. The main purpose of the foundation is to encourage children's reading and reading comprehension.

Staffan Götestam

Julius Malmström



"At Mobilia, Atrium Ljungberg wants to create an attractive and vibrant urban environment. In order to succeed, the cultural selection is crucial. With Funnys Äventyr we will be able to offer one of the best cultural experiences for children in Sweden. We are also very happy that Malmö City and several other local players support Funny's Adventure and show a long-term commitment to Malmö's new cultural center for children."

Annica Ånäs

VD, Atrium Ljungberg

Malmö Stad

“Funnys Äventyr is a fun and exciting investment in culture for children in Malmö and the Öresund region and in Malmö as an event city, but it is also an important investment in language development and to increase literacy among children and young people. I imagine a fantastic adventure that all children can take part in, but also an investment in our children's learning and reading through the opportunity to take part in this during school hours, says Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (S), chairman of the municipal council."