The Garden Cafe

Take a break with food and coffee

In Funny's Garden Café, we cook food with the flavours of the season in focus. We want it to be a wonderful experience to eat and have coffee with us. That's why we follow the seasons of the year when we prepare exciting and creative dishes, but also safe flavours that the whole family enjoys.

Imagine a cafe where it's summer all year round. In Funny's Garden Café, you can settle down under the branches of the tree, smell the flowers and enjoy the delicacies that come out of the kitchen. Here we have both slightly smaller dishes, slightly larger ones and of course plenty of desserts.

Lunch menu

We serve lunch between 11.00 and 14.00 tuesday-sunday. Here you can munch on yummy pancakes, crispy salads and rich soups. The menu changes according to the season, so take the opportunity to eat your favourite dish before it disappears from the menu! You do know that you can also visit the garden cafe without paying an entrance fee to the fairy tale land?

Chicken Meatballs 75 SEK

Eight meatballs served with macaroni and cucumber

Pancakes 35 SEK/55 SEK

Choose between a small or large portion. Served with strawberry jam and cream

Carrot Soup 75 SEK

With ginger, topped with coriander and sesame seeds, served with seed crackers

Hotdog 25 SEK

Available with meat or vegetarian

Hummus bowl 100 SEK

Served with bread, beetroot falafel, beetroot hummus, pickled red cabbage, garlic sauce, green strong chilli sauce, roasted seeds and parsley

Västerbotten cheese pie 95 SEK

Served with pickled onions, lemon and parsley

Children's portion of chicken meatballs 40 SEK

Four meatballs served with macaroni and cucumber

Caesarwrap 100 SEK

Sourdough flatbread with Swedish chicken fillet, Caesar dressing, pickled onion, granny smith apple, oat rice, romaine lettuce and roasted onion

We adapt as much as possible according to allergies and food preferences. Always ask us if you are unsure about our ingredients.


Swedish fika

Here there are a lot of sweets to munch on during your visit. Sit down with a refreshing apple juice and a piece of cake. We always serve chocolate balls and the pie of the day. Remaining sweets vary according to season and demand. Look in our fridge for more lovely baked goods.

Apple juice 30 SEK

Coffee with refill 35 SEK

Smakis 16 SEK

Tea 25 SEK

Chocolate drink 18 SEK

Chocolate ball 20 SEK

Smoothie 35 SEK

Todays pie /cake 35 SEK

Ramlösa water 20 SEK

We adapt as much as possible according to allergies and food preferences. Always ask us if you are unsure about our ingredients.

"The lunch restaurant has reasonable prices and actually really good food, would eat lunch there every day if I worked nearby."

Father of a four-year-old