In the Fairy-go-round you can listen to different tales. You might get swept away from this world by Alice. She will show you her wonderland where you will meet a talking rabbit, a funny dog, a mad hatter and a particular king and queen playing croquet with hedgehogs.

Or you can meet Aladdin, the poor boy looking for a magical oil lamp in a cave filled with adventures. Or listen to the tale of the little mermaid who transformed into a human, swimming to the surface of the sea to rescue a prince.

The fairy tales are told in Swedish, Danish, German, English and Arabic.


“Here you get to meet Pettson and his cat Findus, that has locked himself into the outhouse. You can jump in Pettsons haymow and ride his bull, or maybe take a trip in his small boat. While you’re visiting, why not pop by his workshop that is filled with possible and impossible things.

Visit Moomin in his house in Moominvalley. Take the stairs to the top floor and then slide down through the vaccumer. Go search for The Groke in the swamp and talk to Toffle who is fishing by the bathhouse. If you’re lucky, you might meet the real Moomintroll!

Say hello to Alfie Atkins and try his helicopter. If you dare, you can go down to Alfies basement where the monster lives. From the treehouse you can send small things with the funicular to Alfies room.

Experience the Viking World! Peak into the Kings house – and why not try his throne! Visit the old forge where the fire is sparking and swords are made. Or visit Völvan, who reads mythical chants in her magical house. Behind the palisade lies a true viking adventure!

The old oak has been in Funnys garden for hundreds of years. Follow Funny through the tree hole and meet stag beetles, firebugs and a scary spider. Climb around and explore the ancient tree. If you make it to the top – you can slide all the way down. “


Theatre is a daily element at Funnys Äventyr. Here you will experience thrilling and fun plays that are 20 minutes long.


A quiet moment with a book. Look at the pictures, read by yourself or have someone read for you. Get carried away in the world of fairy tales for as long as you want.