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The children's own culture house in a world full of fairytales

Welcome to Funnys Äventyr, a creative and playful cultural centre for children in Malmö!

Imagine a fairytale landscape where you step right into some of our best loved children’s books. Peek into Alfie Atkins kitchen, jump in the hay with Pettson and Findus, go back to viking age with Halvdan and Meia, solve a mystery with the Cat spies in a miniature of Rosengård, visit Moomin Valley and get to know the ordinary but unusual girl Funny and her friend the Humble the Bumblebee.

Explore the adventure

"It feels like the entertainment never ends as the children can invent new ways to play."

Mother of  eight-year-old and five-year-old

Travel through the world of fairy tales

Experience fairy tales in a new way! In the carousel we travel from wonderland, through the dry desert and the final destination at the bottom of the sea. Through the journey in the carousel, you get to listen, see and experience the fairy tales in a completely new way, because the rows of benches in the carousel spin around three different lands of fairytales.

Exciting children's theater

At Funnys Äventyr, we give the visitor the opportunity to experience fairy tales and children's literature through several senses. In our theater children get to experience literature through stories played out in front of them. By seeing the fairytale characters from the books the may have read at home in real life we hope to induce more children's literature and a sense of magic.