The theater

Theater and shows 🎭

Every day we play exciting shows for the whole family in the theatre. There is plenty of room here for many visitors, old and young. Many children get to see their very first theater at Funnys Äventyr.

 Sit down on a soft seat cushion, soon the lights go out, the audience falls silent and turns their eyes to the big stage. Usually the performance is about 15 minutes long so that everyone, even those with low patience, can experience the theatre. 

We play theater performances every day, with extra many occasions during weekends and holidays. Keep an eye out for our showtimes on social media and in the calendar, where they are posted regularly.

These shows are currently showing:

Findus is moving out 🐱

Pettson is tired of being woken up at four in the morning by Findus jumping in bed. He says that if Findus doesn't stop jumping, they will have to move the bed out. Findus thinks that is a good idea. Then he can jump in bed as much as he wants. But how much fun is it to live alone? Maybe it's a bit dangerous too considering the fox...

Publisher: Colombine Teaterförlag

Humble the Bumblebee's birthday 🎂

It's no ordinary day, it's Humble the Bumblebee's birthday! Funny wants to celebrate Humble with a wonderful birthday party and is in the middle of getting things ready for the big day when a mysterious figure appears...

Suddenly the birthday cake is gone!

How will Funny manage to bake a new cake for Humble's birthday party? 

Sing and dance with Funny's friends 👯

Take your place on stage and shake it loose! During this show, you should not sit still and quiet. On the contrary! Sing along to the songs, dance to the choreography or come up with your very own dance moves!

Let the dancing begin!

Theater that awakens the desire to read

At Funnys Äventyr, we give the visitor the opportunity to experience fairy tales and children's literature through several senses. In our theater children get to experience literature through stories played out in front of them. By seeing the fairytale characters from the books the may have read at home in real life we hope to induce more children's literature and a sense of magic.

The theater is a central part of Funnys Äventyr and an important activity for our visitors to experience. We create all our shows and preformances ourselves and give up to three shows a day. Today we are an ensemble of six trained actors who play around 1000 performances a year. Our actors strive to make the audience feel inspired, to arouse their curiosity and to find the magic of literature through theatre.

The ensemble at Funnys Äventyr

Ellen Malmström
Concept manager theater and design

Plays the part of Funny and Findus

Linus Strömberg

Plays the part of Pettson, Humble the Bumblebee, the sorcerer and Halvdan Viking.

Agnes Tuneld

Plays the part of Funny and Findus

Niklas K. Jönsson

Plays the part of Pettson, Humble the Bumblebee and the sorcerer.

Alina Berg

Plays the part of Funny, Findus and Meia.

Lars Qvarnström

Plays the part of Pettson, Humble the Bumblebee and the sorcerer.

Sara Hansen

Plays the part of Funny and Findus