The magical carousel of stories

Experience fairy tales in a new way

This is a carousel like no other. Take a seat on the benches, put on your headphones and choose which language you want to listen to. An enchanting journey you won't soon forget will soon begin.

We travel from wonderland, through the dry desert and to the final destination at the bottom of the sea. Through the journey in the carousel, you get to listen, see and experience the fairy tales in a completely new way, because the rows of benches in the carousel spin around three different lands of fairytales. The narrator tells the story while you follow the characters on the stage in front of you. The fairy tales come to life with light, sound and hand-painted dolls.

The ride takes about 15 minutes and the stories are read in Swedish, English, German, Danish and Arabic. You don't need a ticket to ride the carousel and you can ride it as many times as you want. All children must travel with an adult.

Alice in wonderland

Alice is lying under her favorite tree and reading a book. Suddenly, a white rabbit appears out of nowhere. It was a strange rabbit, because it walked on its back legs and seemed to be in a great hurry. Alice followed the rabbit down a rabbit hole. But she fell down the hole and ended up in a magical world, filled with adventure and excitement.

The little Mermaid

Is there life under the waves, in the depths of the ocean? Of course, that's where the mermaids live. They are shy and rarely show themselves to us humans. But the little mermaid was curious about the humans and their lives. During a shipwreck, she rescues a handsome prince. They fall in love with each other, but will their love last?


The poor boy Aladdin was on his way to the city to find a job. He walked for a long time through the hot desert with thirst tearing at his body. Then he met Agbar, a man who asked Aladdin for a favor. Could Aladdin go down into the dark cave to find Agbar's lamp? Little did Aladdin know it was a magic lamp…